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A sunny morning in 1890. The citizens of Ulm gather in the Minster ready for the service. The old town’s alleys and streets are completely deserted. Only occasional sounds can be heard from the houses, whereas the choir and other church sounds can be heard from the Minster.

The Dream of Flying

Take off with virtual reality – unique in Germany!

Fly free as a bird with the full-body flight simulator Birdly®, unique in Germany. Fly above Ulm’s old town in the year 1890, through the alleys and over the world’s highest church steeple.

Experience it for yourself! Kramgasse 3, 89073 Ulm, Tue–Sat 10am to 6pm

The Birdly® full-body flight simulator enables everyone to take off into the skies: Intuitively and naturally control the speed and direction of your own flight via the flapping and positioning of your wings. Constantly discover new things in Ulm’s old town as it was in 1890. A virtual reality experience that, thanks to perfect real-time rendering, three-dimensional, binaural sound and real flight wind becomes a spectacular immersive trip through time.

"It's a great, quiet flight. And a piece of urban development."

Gunter Czisch, Lord Mayor of Ulm

The Dream of Flying – Take off with virtual reality. Realise your dream and fly free as a bird over and through Ulm as it was in the year 1890. Fly through time and space, discover the old town and the world’s highest church steeple shortly before its completion. The spectacular virtual reality experience.


Kramgasse 3
89073 Ulm

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm


Tickets €5.00

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