Ulm Stories

The audiovisual concert performance at the Minster

At the start of Ulm Stories, eight high-performance projectors transformed Minster’s mighty central nave into a dynamic video landscape spanning more than 4,000 square metres – accompanied by the sounds of a composition for electronics, percussion and organ. The performance by the artists wittmann/zeitblom and Liebert addressed the question “What is your version of our future society?” and tackled the topics of change. Lots of Ulm’s citizens actively took part, contributing their thoughts, texts, photos and pictures. Their visions of the future were integrated into the production.

An unforgettable experience

Resonances transformed the Minster into an unparalleled, magical total work of art

Friday night, 10:30pm in Ulm Minster. A voice penetrates through the darkness… quietly, seductively, beseechingly yet at the same time determined… time… time… Christ in the minster’s chancel is illuminated; the light sets him in scene so you’d think that, freed from the cross, he would fly upwards. This is how Resonances begins – The unique audiovisual performance in Ulm Minster.

More than 2,700 visitors, overwhelmed by the thrill of the sounds and images, followed how, over the course of an hour, the minster was artistically rebuilt as a citizens’ project. Together with the citizens of Ulm, schools and other institutions, the artists Christian Wittmann, Georg Zeitblom and Rene Liebert set Ulm citizens’ visions of the future in context with the history of the minster. Their audiovisual performance transformed the minster into a projection screen for images, messages and visions of the future.

The result was an unparalleled, dynamic composition, which combined the past and future into a real treat for the senses.

"Visionairy ecstasy of images"

Südwest Presse

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