Ulm Stories

The past meets the future

‘Ulm Stories – Tales of a City’ makes it possible to experience 600 years of history with all the senses: Take off with the unique virtual reality flight simulator ‘The Dream of Flying’ and discover Ulm’s landmark afresh with the three-dimensional audio experience ‘Voices from the Minster’.

Winner of the Annual Multimedia Award Silver "Installation"

Nominated for the European Cultural Brand Award 2017

Certificated with the "Favorite Website Award" FWA


Live event with record number of visitors Resonances

The opening of the Ulm Stories: About 2700 visitors experienced an unforgettable performance in the Minster - the spectacular video and sound installation of the artists wittmann/Zeitblom and Liebert.

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The Dream of Flying

Take off with virtual reality The Dream of Flying

Free as a bird, discover Ulm as it was in 1890. Unique and spectacular – The virtual reality flight experience! From 15 July 2017, 11am at Kramgasse 3, Ulm, directly behind the Minster.

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Voices from the Minster

The audio experience as an app Voices from the Minster

Stroll through the Minster, wearing headphones. You will hear the exciting stories that the building holds, and will become part of the atmospherically densely produced narrations.

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